Everybody is looking for connection of some kind. Whether it’s romantic, friendship, or freaky-deaky. We’re simply not meant to be alone in this world, and our drive to find companionship is one of our strongest impulses. That’s not to say it’s easy, of course, which is why so much of human artwork is about expressing the trials and tribulations of seeking someone out. Songs, films, paintings, and most importantly, memes.

Here are 10 types of connection we all desire from time to time, expressed in meme form.

10. Kitty love

You wish you could get with this.

9. Engagement

Fittingly, this is where he got dumped.

8. Dirty flirty fun

I feel like this was supposed to be the point of the app and at some point we all lost sight of that.

7. Blind love

I’m laughing but I’m also truly horrified.

6. Honest friendship

Maybe it’s an on-again-off-again type of situation.

5. Companionship to fill the hole

Stay, stay apparition!

4. The squad

Soon, there will be vomit on all of our sweaters.

3. True connection

Real recognizes real.

2. Best friendship

I have no plan B. Ever.

1. True love

If you can’t find happiness with cheese you can’t find happiness anywhere.

Whatever the type of connection you’re looking for right now, we hope you find it. And if it happened to be the kind of connection where you just deeply relate to a meme, then you’re welcome.

Which one did you connect with the most?

Tell us in the comments, ya lonely hearts.