Women have a very intricate relationship with their hairstylist. When we find a good one, we hang on like grim death, but like any lasting relationship, there can be bumps along the way.

If you’re a woman who has her hair cut on a regular basis, you’re definitely going to relate to these 15 memes.

15. And I think it’s for a movie or something.

Wigs are super cool, Moira Rose.

14. I actually think it would be funnier if it weren’t true.

So much money down the drain.

13. You just want to get more than one day out of the “free” style.

Because it’s not going to look like that again until you go back to the salon.

12. You’ve literally never been uglier.

I think it’s because they want the transformation to be more dramatic.

11. Indeed it has.

Mostly the inside of a ponytail holder, but still.

10. This is all of our struggles these days.

You gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

9. I’m so glad we’re all on the same page with this.

Just pretend to be asleep and enjoy the massage, people.

8. I wish this wasn’t the case.

Are they magic blow dryers?

7. The nice thing about hair is that it grows.

And also you can change it whenever you want.

6. If you have kids, it’s a long time.

And yes, I’m speaking from experience.

5. There is a Harry Potter theme for everyone.

But if you think about it, almost NONE of them had good hair.

4. It’s really not fair at all.

Maybe you could mess up just a little?

3. It’s like a lot of jobs all rolled into one.

Am I the only one who dreads the awkward conversation?

2. She knows she’s been a bad girl.

Bangs are so tempting but always a bad idea.

1. I want to have cute short hair.

But I also want to never have to actually fix my hair.

I miss haircuts, y’all, and I only get about 3 a year anyway.

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