Do you love driving? If so, I can only assume you live somewhere that’s very sparsely populated with lots of open road and very little traffic, because the rest of us absolutely hate it.

We hate it so much, in fact, that we had to go and make a bunch of memes about it. You know things are serious when memes start popping up. No topic gets to memedom without raising a bunch of red flags along the way.

So buckle your seatbelt, adjust the mirror, and try to remember where that stupid level is that pushes the seat down, because it’s time to get rageful.

10. What’s the hold up?

Oh, my bad! Here I was waiting for the green photons to actually hit my cornea before pressing down on the gas like an idiot.

9. We meet again

Was it worth it? Because here I am now, friend. Fight me like a man.

8. Give me a pass

Were you just bored with your quality of life in that particular lane or what?

7. Projection

When every single other driver on the road sucks, it might in fact be you that’s the problem.

6. Work Work Work

“I don’t WANT solutions, I want to be mad!”

5. The Ingratitude

Well, that’s the last time I do anything nice for anyone ever again.

4. Silent Rant

The closed off nature of the cabin is exactly what encourages the screaming, see.

3. Cussing a Swear

Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

2. I am not left handed

You keep using that signal – I do not think it means what you think it means.

1. Go for it


Well now I’m bad. I should go for a drive, try to calm my nerves.

Do you get bad road rage?

Tell us in the comments.