Hope you’re having a good weekend. Or wait…is it the weekend? Or is it Wednesday? Or…February? I don’t know, I’ve honestly had a hell of a day, and it feels like just another one in a long series. But I’m doing my best – I’m hanging in there! And so are you!

And if we’re both kind of a hot mess, who cares? Most of the world is. That’s why we’ve got all these memes about it.

Here are ten memes to help you celebrate the hot mess that you are.

10. Great lengths

We’re all doing what we’ve gotta do.

9. Relationship goals

Call me crazy but I think I might be getting mixed signals here.

8. Rev me up

It’s all theatre of the imagination, baby.

7. Text dilemmas

So much is lost when you can’t see the weird look on my face.

6. Snack attack

I am an endless innovator of munchie turduckens.

5. Blacked out

She seems so nice at first…then it begins…

4. Promises, promises

Ok, a couple of bottles can’t hurt.

3. Big night

Kinda looks like paradise to me.

2. Bang for your buck

Time is the enemy. Time and bladders.

1. Mixed drinks

It’s a feeling I like to call “productively turnt.”

Now that we’ve all admitted that we’re just winging it here, I propose a toast. To us. May we always remember…what we were about to toast.

How are you hanging in there lately?

Tell us in the comments.