Raise your hand if being in a relationship has made you a little petty from time to time.

I’m not seeing enough hands. Most of you are lying. That’s fine. Give it time. Think it through. We’ll get to your confession soon enough.

One way to test your pettiness level is to look carefully over these ten memes and tally up how many of them you relate to. Ready? Go.

10. Unspoken rules

Do as I don’t say, not as I refuse to do.

9. The agony of the feet

Conversations like this are gonna become self-fulfilling prophesies if you ain’t careful.

8. Hate the game

Kirby is just one big ball of conflicting emotions. Always has been.

7. Holy sheet

A second set of blankets might just save your marriage – ask me how.

6. The scrolls of truth

Watching each other scrolling through nonsense is the past time no one wanted.

5. Can’t take the heat

You’ve gotta know what you’re getting into.

4. Showered with compliments

Dude, just run.

3. Pursuit of happiness

Don’t you get fresh with me.

2. Gotta admit

I think conventional wisdom here is that it would be time to jump to a new subject.

1. I’m going Homer

I’ve never seen so much shade from a Simpsons panel.

Did you tally up your total? It might say an awful lot about you. But probably not, because these are just memes.

What was your score?

Tell us in the comments.