Relationships are tricky.

To sort through the highs and lows, you could take steps to keep an open channel of communication, or you could actively engage in couples’ therapy, or just try very hard to be generally introspective, OR you could express your thoughts and feelings on the subject to strangers on the internet through a series of tweets.

And that approach is exactly what we’re here to look at today.

Enjoy these ten relationship tweets that truly speak volumes.

10. Twice as scary

This is too adorable to be legal.

9. Follow your memes

The sacrifices we make for each other are the true tests of our commitment.

8. Armed and dangerous

Welp, guess this is what we’re doing for the next hour.

7. Gettin’ saucy

Confidence stats are through the roof.

6. Mixed signals

Who needs communication when you’ve got nonsense?

5. Feels bad, man

I just wanna soak you in all the time.

4. Quick draw

If he’s not willing to defy the laws of spacetime, he doesn’t deserve me at my worst.

3. Lip stuck

You got um…you got a little something on your face there…

2. Twist and pout

What’s this “going to work” you keep talking about? Who is she?

1. Method man

The answer surely must be SOMEWHERE in these beakers.

I don’t know if that helped anybody’s relationship, but it sure made me laugh, and at the end of the day, that’s what love is all about.

What’s your best piece of relationship advice? Or worst? We love anything we can get.

Tell us in the comments.