Are you YOUNG and HOT and SINGLE? Oh. Well, are you at least young and single? Oh. Are you hot? No? Just the single part, huh? Yeah…me too…

It’s not always the big fun adventure people make it out to be. A lot of the time it’s just sitting on a couch wishing you had somebody to annoy, or looking at the people around you and getting mad that THEY’RE all happy while you’re opening your second box of Cheez-Its that day.

Unfortunately, I can’t fix those feelings for you, but what I *can* offer is a fine selection of memes to help us both express our feelings and get through this together.

Let the healing begin.

10. To the point

Yet another test I’ve failed.

9. Loathe at first site

No thank you, please.

8. Stand up for yourself

Oh hell no, me.

7. My own worst enemy

How does this keep happening?!

6. Keep it fresh

Who in their right mind doesn’t understand this?

5. The snuggle bus

All aboard…

4. Stability

I’ve got a pretty solid track record if I do say so myself.

3. Slithering back out

Oof, you’ve got an infestation.

2. I get around

Plus you get the cool side of BOTH pillows.

1. Do as I say

Say “what” again, I dare you.

No matter how lonely the nights may get, we’ve got memes to keep us warm.

Are you single right now? How are you holding up?

Commiserate in the comments.