I’m a GenX (Xennial) who remembers the 2000s vividly, if not always fondly. The fashion was weird, the music was all over the place, and the internet hadn’t saved people like me from having to make friends in person – but the movies were awesome, and there wasn’t much internet to speak of (it’s a double-edged sword!), so that was nice.

If you’ve got conflicting memories – or any vivid memories at all – of the beginning of the 21st century, these 10 memes are going to be all up in your feels!

10. He/She makes a good point.

9. I think I just threw some of these out when I moved.

8. Wait, Uggs are out?

7. This is way too real.

6. I honestly think I blocked this out.

5. So much nostalgia in one image. I don’t know where to look!

4. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

3. I just gasped aloud.

2. Carson Daly came to my house every day.

1. The best part is none of them match, so you know they coordinated.

Okay, now I kind of want to go back, if only for a few days.

What’s your favorite memory of the early 2000s? Share it with us in the comments!