It’s not entirely clear where the term “working stiff” comes from – though there’s some speculation that “stiff” refers essentially to a corpse, as in a person who works a job so strenuous and uninteresting that they’re essentially the walking dead.

It’s a depressing bit of solidarity to call each other that, but there is perhaps a better way to cope – we can make memes about it.

Here are 10 memes just for you, ya stiffs.

10. Eat the rich

Hunger, after all, is the best sauce.

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9. If it ain’t broke…

Then don’t ever ask me about it again.

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8. Hangin’ out

Don’t work smarter OR harder.

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7. Not quite right

Yeah that’s a load of nonsense.

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6. Helping out

I feel bad otherwise, I know what they’ve gotta deal with.

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5. What are you smoking?

Because whatever it is, I want some.

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4. Order up

Oh, you think we’re out? We’re NEVER truly out.

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3. Every kitchen staff ever

Yup that’s it that’s the staff.

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2. Shift happens

But shift will not last forever.

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1. An early start

My dude, you might have a problem.

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Here’s to all the working stiffs – may we all enjoy a stiff drink just as soon as this shift is over.

What’s the best job you’ve ever had? What did you love about it? What was the worst job you ever had? What did you hate about it?

Tell us in the comments. We won’t tell your boss.