Memes are a great way to share a laugh – until they personally attack you. At that point they become a great way to share a laugh through the pain of recognizing that you are a hot mess and this random internet picture sees right through you. It’s not all bad, though. Super relatable memes reassure us that we’re not alone in our awkwardness. We’re just a part of the big, dumb, sloppy human race, and we can take pride in that.

Here are 10 memes that are simply too relatable for their own good.

10. The choice is yours

Just circle C and pray, my friend. Circle C and pray.

9. Sober reflection

I wonder if I can swing by and pick up all the coffee in the world on the way to work.

8. A for effort

I did my best and that’s all that matters.

7. Street smarts!

Keep your fancy book learnin’. I’ve got my hunches.

6. Stay protected

“I’ll totally remember this” said past me, like the complete idiot he was.

5. Kickin’ around

It’s the perfect place to unleash all my bottled frustrations.

4. The amazing race

Snooze betrays us all in our time.

3. Money isn’t everything

You gotta risk it all to win it all.

2. Close call

Let people on and risk a fart fumigation? No thank you.

1. Same song, second verse

Nobody tells you this but once you hit about age 27 these 5 songs lock into place forever so choose carefully.

There, now we’ve all done a bit of meme-centered self reflection. What can we learn about ourselves through this?

…probably very little, they’re just memes.

Which one is most relatable to you?

Sound off in the comments.