You ever hear someone say something and you just have to kind of stop for a minute and let it wash over you, because they’re totally correct, but it’s a maddening kind of correct? The kind of correct that makes you want to hit them?

Well, if you’re too prone to anger with that sort of thing, you might want to click away now. If, on the other hand, you find it a bit funny, then read on, dear reader, because you’re about to get hit with some very stupidly correct memes on the following subjects:

10. Temperature

For American readers, 98.7 C is over 200 F.

9. Military service

You gotta pay attention to exactly what I say.

8. The passage of time

That’s long enough to sing the song and then your fun is done.

7. Upward transportation

If I’m not mistaken, this originated as a joke from the late great Mitch Hedberg.

6. Spelling

Casinos literally give out free drinks to keep you gambling. If THEY think you’re too drunk, you’re in trouble.

5. Geology

For a hot time, call this volcano.

4. Useless knowledge

And if you had a dollar for every dollar you had, you’d have infinite dollars.

3. Cooling technology

That’s an absolutely frigid response.

2. Smoking and health

Well, doesn’t get a whole lot more clear than that.

1. Nobility and chemistry

The comment is a really nice touch.

Alright, let’s all just calm down now.

What’s a technically correct fact that you know?

Tell us in the comments.