It’s been a little while since I’ve read my Bible, but if I remember right – and I don’t – there’s definitely maybe possibly something in there about memes.

Again, I might be getting stories mixed up but I could swear that at one point Jesus is like, in a group chat, and there’s only two memes that keep getting shared, but then he miraculously multiplies them into thousands of new memes for the disciples to feast on? And then Judas adds a bunch of watermarks?

Maybe that’s blasphemy, but you gotta understand, great memes like these are very nearly a religion to me.

10. Call and response

Honestly this has got to be one of the most unintuitive design choices by a major company ever.

9. Good mourning

It’s another beautiful day.

8. We live in a society

I’d be a people person if it weren’t for all the people and persons.

7. Doing my part

These 1’s and 0’s aren’t gonna manipulate themselves.

6. Couch potato

WHy doesn’t he look happy? He’s living the absolute dream.

5. Mystery wrapped in an enigma

It’s almost like describing ourselves in absolutes just doesn’t work.

4. Model citizen

They don’t even have real mouths but I can hear them saying “but daaaaad…”

3. The look

We all know what’s up.

2. Busy busy

If you’ve got time to lean, go for it.

1. The enclosure

Don’t talk to be before I’ve had my coffee. Or after.

And we beheld the mees, and we saw that they were good. Amen.

What’s your favorite place to find new memes?

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