Have you seen the new Tweets? Like, all of the new tweets? That keep pouring out of some unseen internet faucet every second over every minute of every hour of every day, threatening to drown us all in a deluge of Twitterdom from which there is no chance of escape?

Have you seen those?

If so, you can skip these as they’ll be old news to you. But if you haven’t yet seen every single tweet in existence, maybe give this handful a chance because they’re really pretty good.

12. Zoom out

Who took the time to create this bizarre collection?

11. Get that green

Yeah I mean honestly we all know it’s true.

10. Snap into it

You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.

9. Bean things

As a nice bonus, it would be cool if I could get so addicted that my body stopped working if I were to go without.


8. Mild mannered

Gotta keep up appearances out there.

7. Long, long ago

Take me back.


6. The reunion

It hits just a little bit different.


5. Reach for the sky

Really the safe landings seem like the outliers here.

4. It’s a date

And just like that, I’m ancient.

3. Special delivery

Well it took quite a lot longer than thirty minutes so I’d like my money back.

2. The shred

And then the bag is gone and you just sort of reflect for a moment on what you’ve become.

1. Skin deep

The important thing is to have a system that works for you.


Ok, a few tweets down, infinite to go.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter?

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