You ever feel like you’re taking crazy pills because everyone around you seems totally into something you can’t stand?

Well, you’re actually not alone, as evidenced by the response to this prompt on Ask Reddit:

What are things that everyone loves but you hate?
byu/badangpasaway inAskReddit

Let’s take a peek at what Redditors had to say.


YouTubers who scream and make fake expressions.

– NotThisNonsense

2. It’s lazy neoliberalism at its finest.

“progressive” shows like Glee or The Good Doctor portraying the stereotypes they’re supposed to challenge.

– ofawafflekind

3. And the award goes to…

Awards shows.

Why do people want to watch the privileged few circle j**king off fellow privileged few?

– Use-Admirable

4. Genuinely I get no enjoyment at all from these.

Reality shows.

Specifically those completely focused on out of touch rich people (Kardashians/Real Housewives) or just straight up drama (Bachelor/Survivor)

– saltythebobcat

5. Rap it up.

Modern rap.

All my I have to listen to that crap all the time around my friends.

Before i get annihilated in the comments i live in Poland and the rap here IMO is pretty bad

– Mizbros

6. I feel ya on this one.

Weed. Seriously. I hate being high. Every time I just regretted it and wanted to sober up and get it over with.

It ain’t for me.

– CraigManTrucker

7. Such a chore.

Makeup. I’m a 20 year old woman who barely knows the basics of makeup.

absolutely despise the culture surrounding it, and it makes me hesitant to actually learn how to do it properly.

– Argentum1909

8. Why do they keep trying?

People seem to like the new Jurassic movies, I f*cking loathe them.

I can’t believe how tacky and terrible they are.

– _Hey_Paul_

9. Oh, baby.

Babies- They kind of really gross me out, I’m sorry

– milkbreadsimp

10. Wine about it.


I’m constantly seeing everyone pouring themselves a glass to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Every type, every brand I try just tastes awful to me.

– Calym817

11. Just gross.

Child pageants.

They just make me feel…sick.

It looks like something that was invented by a pedo to get off on all the little girls looking dolled up in skin-tight suits.

– purple-nomad

12. Smashing stereotypes.

The notebook.

It’s soooo boring.

I also hate going shopping for clothes.

Trying on clothes always puts me in a bad mood because it takes up so much time. (I’m a girl btw)

– BitHistorical

13. Far, far away…

I just don’t really like star wars movies. None of them.

I don’t find them entertaining even though I have watched each one at least two times

– nrgx537

14. Friendship ruined.

Hidden role games like Among Us.

I hate the lying, screaming over each other, the gaslighting.

It’s all just not fun for me and I genuinely don’t understand people enjoying it.

– bobbery5

15. Misanthropy.


– yesimtheguyshe

I think for me the answer would probably be Game of Thrones.

I know that pretty much nobody liked it by the end, but I couldn’t get into it at all in the beginning, either. It just felt so joyless and somber and opaque.

Nothing fun to latch onto.

What about you?

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