You wanna see something really dumb? I mean, REALLY dumb? Well you’ve come to the right place. These memes are so dumb you’ll be dumbfounded. If they were a cocktail they’d be a dumb & coke. If they could fly they’d be a dumbingbird. If they were a tiny person from a fairy tale they’d be Dumbelina. You get the idea.

It’s just 10 stupid memes to make your dumb head happy. Don’t overthink it.


10. Bait & switch

Lol I’m a bear.

9. Back it up

These cops are living in the year 3000.

8. Rainbow bright

This is beyond science.

7. First and last

There’s a whole lot at steak here.

6. Words on the move

This speaks to me on a deep level.

5. Cushion smushin’

This is a great pick up line.

4. Cuddle puddle

I get all my history from memes.

3. New math

This cat understands numbers better than I do.

2. Case closed

I’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those super judgy kids.

1. Killer queen

I can’t tell if the bird thing is into it or not.

In conclusion, that was stupid. But in a way that’s refreshing and sort of makes you feel like you can take on the world. Man. Is there anything dumb memes CAN’T do?

What is your favorite and most dumbest joke?

Tell us in the comments.