You ever got a burn so bad and so slick that you couldn’t help but admire it even though you were actively hosing yourself down from the pain? Those experiences stick with you for a very long time.

Like this gem from Lisa McGee on Twitter:

What can we say but DAMN. Where do you even get the audacity to hit somebody like that? And yet, it’s incredibly common, as evidenced by the very long list of replies in the thread from people who wanted to share their own awful, painful, and sometimes funny moments of humiliation. Here are just a few.

14. Thanks?

Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

13. ((dog whistle intensifies))

What a fun way to let someone know you’re a bigot!

12. So brave

Please don’t call people courageous for having a face. Come on.

11. Clap. Back.

Now EVERYBODY’s gettin’ burned.

10. Perfect camouflage

Ironically, this would prove to be a very memorable moment.

9. Wonder aloud

Welp. Job security for me, I guess.

8. Dear old dad

Don’t pretend you had nothing to do with this, GRANDMA.

7. Chewing the fat

This post makes me picture a catty version of Mary Poppins.

6. Don’t you wish…

Humility must also be quite a burden, huh?

5. You look great!

It’s just the “you” part of you that people don’t like.

4. Double negative

All these flavors and you still choose to be salty.

3. I see you

What have you heard?!

2. Class act

Is it still 1850 in the UK or what?

1. Sweet progress

Enough is enough.

Woof. That is some hot fire. I hope the people who said all these things have at least since gained awareness that sticks and stones may break bones but words will end up on a Twitter thread for all to see.

Do you have a story like this?

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