Even though I personally have worked in comedy on and off for a long time, there are still certain comedy-related concepts that I just can’t quite find words for. One of them is that feeling of something that’s so stupid you laugh at it, and then get kind of angry at yourself for enjoying it, because you know, deep down, that you should be more sophisticated than that, but you aren’t.

So far as I know, no such English word exists – yet. Guess we’ll just have to come up with one ourselves. In the meantime, here are 10 examples of the kind of thing I’m talking about.

10. No bones about it

The ancients worshiped the spooky boi of wisdom.

9. Crash diet

“Hey wine is a vegetable, right?” – people in the 70’s.

8. On a roll

I looked at this meme and suddenly three couches appeared in my yard.

7. Thicc burger

Nothing wrong here, move along everybody.

6. They grow up so fast

Seriously was looking at a real baby considered a sin?

5. Road.exe has crashed

Why do these options even exist, my computer literally never cares.

4. Toaster coaster

It’s a rootin’, tootin, shiny scootin’.

3. A sign of the times

OK but in 2020 this is actually super necessary.

2. Good fountains

“It was as if a thousand dads cried out at once, and then suddenly, silence.”

1. Saucy times

She pleas for the cheese.

Welp, all of that was extremely stupid and enjoyable. I still don’t have a good word for it though. Shamegiggles? Dumbchuckling?

Do you have any ideas for what this kind of humor should be called?

Share ’em in the comments.