Just for kicks and giggles I looked up the word “meme” in the prestigious Merriam-Webster dictionary today and I found that the way 99% of us use it is listed as the SECOND definition. You know what the primary definition was?

“An idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.”

And like, yeah, OK, sure, but that’s not what anybody thinks when they hear the word “meme.” What they think is a rectangle with text and an overly-compressed .jpeg that makes you spit your chocolate milk all over your keyboard. Put that in your dictionary, you cowards.

Here are 10 examples of the true definition of the word meme. The definition we carry in our hearts.

10. Froggy style

This has been me all year long.

9. Don’t get it twisted

This condition is also known as “being in your 30’s.”

8. Ran-dumb

Ah yes, our secret weapon.

7. Bad to the bone

My fat can beat up your fat.

6. Translation error

This is obviously fake. There’s no such thing as book stores.

5. Do a tea pose

As long as he doesn’t spill it, I guess.

4. Myths and legends

Now let’s talk about Disney’s version of Zeus…

3. The summoning

Ceiling cat has gone to dark side.

2. Hot tip

“Please don’t pay attention to how long this is taking to load.”

1. Big moods

I’m 1 and 2 all day today.

Truly the epitome of memedom. Such grace. Such truth. Such lols.

If you were trying to define what a meme was to someone from the past, what would you tell them?

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