Order up! We got a sizzlin’ hot platter of memes here, and I think you’ll find them all delicious. We’ve got titles and commentary on the side and a tall glass of procrastination to wash it all down. If you need anything else, just holler. I won’t hear you of course because I’m writing this in the past, but, I wasn’t sure where else to go with this restaurant metaphor.

Take your time, enjoy, and let me know if you need any refills.

10. Main course

Please don’t give me any guff, I so hate guff.

9. Cleaning comrades

Why is old school Bugs Bunny so weirdly disturbing?

8. I’ll drink to that

How he even do dat wit he little paws?

7. Drain the swamp

Can we invent something, please?

6. Hide the pain, Hemsworth

Even a god has feelings.

5. I felt that

Dude doesn’t even realize those are puppets, this is just normal life for him.

4. Vine rewind

RIP roads.

3. Self-esteem

I’ll be the death of me for sure.

2. Killer instincts

These live action remakes are getting out of hand.

1. Just deserts

When you reach the end of the meal but won’t accept that.

And on that note, we’ll close out this dinner. I’ll just leave the check here. You take care of that whenever you’re ready.

If memes were food, what kind of food would they be?

Tell us in the comments.