I’m no historian, but I’m guessing the first memes came about in ancient Egypt, where a cat-worshiping culture probably chiseled out a hieroglyph about their gods’ desire to has cheeseburger. Since then, society has been a non-stop meme machine. The number of new memes produced every day only goes up, and it sure can be hard to keep pace with that. Lucky for you, we’ve got some of the best of the stuff so you don’t have to waste your time with the rest of the stuff.

Here are 10 random memes that are very worth your time.

10. The true kings

“Hey didn’t you used to play football, Mr. Nichols?”

9. Erb derb herp derp

Quick, somebody call that Muppet chef guy.

Via: ThunderFields on Imgur (Original Twitter account deleted)

8. A pirate’s life for me

A pirate NEVER downloads limewire.exe

7. Sick bowl

Make sure you wash it between uses.

6. Security alert!

I appreciate the vigilance, but for real, it’s me, dude.

5. Generic title

This is some glitch in the Matrix stuff, right here.

4. Oceans of knowledge

I had a teacher who would routinely ask if we had any “pacific issues.”

3. Reality is fake

Let’s talk about the unicorn’s glorious locks, though.

2. Wax stacks

I hear it’s a great value.

1. This just in

Well are you gonna buy a subscription or not?

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What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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