I’m not some scientist or academic, but I think I’ve come up with a proof that memes are the greatest thing ever. Please, hold your shocked gasps and cries of blasphemy, stay in your seats, do not shield the eyes and ears of your children, for I am ready to back up my claim with a mathematical proof.

Now. It has been said by many popular musicians that the best things in life are free. Which means that:
Best Things in Life = Free
Memes are also free, which, expressed mathematically, is:
Memes = Free

If a = b, and c = b, then a = c.
By the transitive property, that means that:
Best Things in Life = Memes

If you are not convinced, here are 11 further pieces of evidence.

11. Space blocked

Prepare to fire proton torpedoes.

10. Second chances

As usual, we expect that the germs will show respect for our decision.

9. Bad-aid

Can’t address the problems if you can’t see them.

8. Beautiful toxicity

It’s nice to escape the pressures of life for the pressures of fake life.

7. Sacrifice

Some say I’m melodramatic, I call it caution.

6. Oh-hell-no

Good thing we don’t rely on them to decide our Presidential elections. Oh, wait.

5. Splash zone

You WILL get sanctified.

4. Counting on you

An absolute classic.

3. Hard times

Tuck, gentlemen, tuck!

2. Poker-mon

I got two pair: 6’s, and these piercing blue eyes.

1. Cheat the system

Future archaeologists will probably assume these things are like sacred scrolls.

If you still remain unconvinced that memes are the best things in life, I pity you. For the rest of society, we will march on into a brave and dank new reality.

What’s your favorite meme of all time?

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