Are you a victim – er, I mean – product of the American education system?

I’m so sorry. I sympathize.

I literally didn’t even know biological evolution was a real thing until college. We’re not exactly killing it when it comes to education and properly preparing kids for life. But what we ARE killing it in is making funny memes about our frustration with what we’ve learned and how we’ve learned it. And maybe, just maybe, that was the real lesson all along. (What?)

Anyway, I never learned how to write a proper introduction paragraph so here is memes now:

10. High expectations

Why can’t you be more like your imaginary brother?

9. Pop culture knowledge

All that education and this is what could have earned the guy some actual money.

8. It’s electric

All lessons should be taught in this form.

7. Doesn’t measure up

“It’s not a good way, but it’s our way.” – America

6. Business etiquette

Learn the rules for personal and professional success from this one movie.

5. Ding dong dorm

To be fair, there wasn’t much money left after spending $4,000 on 3 textbooks.

4. State of play

This meme literally just reminded me that Delaware exists.

3. The universal answer

It’s the powerhouse of education itself.

2. Big problems

“Kyle has 23 pineapples. Showing your work, solve for why.”

1. Crunching numbers

Remember, water freezes at Christmas degrees fire hydrant.

We may not have learned much in school, but at least we know how to meme.

What’s your biggest gripe about how you got learned?

Tell us in the comments.