How many memes would you say you’ve looked at so far today?

Really? Only that? Well, that’s not nearly enough.

You need plenty of memes to sustain you! To make you taller, faster, stronger. You gotta keep up with your meme regimen or you’ll fall to pieces. Lucky for you, we’ve got some right here, and we’re not stingy about sharing.

Devour and enjoy these ten random memes that will improve you in every way.

10. A moving sentiment

Being with you is always an uplifting experience.

9. Leafy greens

“It’s got plenty of flavor if you just put some sriracha on it.”

8. High fiber

Finally, someone was brave enough to say it.

7. It’s all disappeared

We demand to be taken seriously.

6. Bird bands

OMG he’s so cute I think I’m in love.

5. Mind the gap

Let the surprise flow through you.

4. Consistently inconsistent

Can’t start freaking out if you never stopped.

3. Title Malone

Witty subtitle additional remark Malone.

2. The spectrum

Tag yourself, I’m spinch.

1. I carve sins, not pumpkins

I chime in with a haven’t you people ever heard of
raking the godd*mn yard.

Now you’re at least closer to your minimum daily requirement of memes. Should you need more, feel free to browse around. We got lots.

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