You’re in for a real treat today, because we’ve got the top fifteen Tumblr posts OF ALL TIME.

This list was compiled by a team of researchers working ’round the clock for years, sifting through the millions of posts available and weighing their characteristics on a detailed table of qualities and I’m totally making all of this up.

There’s way too many posts on Tumblr to make that kind of list. This one is pretty much random. But it’s got some great ones on it!

Here without further ado are the fifteen greatest Tumblr posts of all time, maybe.

15. Squawk and spook

The bird is the word, and the word is surprise.

14. Hair raising tales

When retail goes wrong.

13. Pinchy pupper

We come for pets.

12. I am gross

Thanks, I hate it.

11. Prasin’ raisins

You think Jesus doesn’t appreciate a little variety now and then?

10. Hecko gecko

“Let’s get this bread.” – the dearly departed

9. What a fun guy

Didn’t need anything new to have nightmares about, but thanks anyway.

8. Phone at the feet!

Is that cheese slice even out of its wrapping?

7. Happy little clouds

There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.

6. Quite a dilemma

You may think you know where this is going but I promise you, you don’t.

5. Pass it on

This is musical collaboration at its finest.

4. The hurt locker

What beautiful mind could lead to the creation of such a thing?

3. Understandable

Sad to learn that all forms of communication have been sullied by these nightmares.

2. Bee yourself

Crazy how nature do that.

1. They grow up so fast

“Leave me alone, Meredith” is a sentence never before spoken by anyone without a mortgage.

There they are. The greatest posts that God himself ever wrote. Or at least…I dunno, they’re pretty good.

What do you think of our rankings? Would you add another in there?

Tell us in the comments.