Do you dream of memes?

When you lay your head down on the pillow at night and drift off into that unsolid place, is it memes that you see? Memes of your past, memes of your present, and memes that are yet to be?

Then you, my friend, are a true meme visionary, and that is a gift that must be fostered and nurtured within you. We can help.

Look over these ten random memes. Let them feed your soul, and awaken the meme dreams we know are within you.

13. Extreme chill

You can go ahead and extend that prediction to the majority of the year.

12. My story will go on

“Look, Rose, that’s great, but we asked about the diamond…”

11. Spin the wheel

Just like the board game, I’ve lost all the little pieces that make the thing workable.

10. Ain’t nothin’ but a heartbreak

You’re now singing this song as loudly as you can.

9. Chonky boi

Let the thiccness flow through you.

8. Powdered pleasure

That all starts tomorrow, fry me up whatever you’ve got.

7. Who knew?

I swear at this point owls are just messing with us.

6. Fast feels

I’m sure a few carbs will set everything right.

5. Hell yeah

It’s hot and I expect my gift.

4. Waking up is hard to do

Just five more minutes. Then hours.

3. Moewji board

“I think it’s working but none of us can read.”

2. Water of life

Next best thing to just sticking your head under the sink.

1. Killer facts

I’m about to make everybody at this party reeeeaaaal uncomfortable.

With the power of these memes inside you, you are ready to begin your journey to become the greatest memelord the world has yet known.

Where else do you get good memes?

Share your secrets in the comments.