Need some tweets to get you through the day?

What a strange and very specific need. How does that even happen? Somebody should write a research paper about you. But we’re not here to judge, and actually we’ve got plenty of tweets to share, so you’ve come to the right place to get your fix!

Here are ten delightful tweets to get you going today.

10. I beg your Parton

An absolute legend, and still out there killing it.

9. Mouthing off

It’s cool, I’ll just slowly self destruct the way God intended.

8. Conversation confusion

Whoa whoa whoa, didn’t know I was gonna get grilled like this today.

7. Money on my mind

My lucky number is this routing address.

6. Taste the painbow

All except the green ones, those are the embodiment of evil.

5. It’s not working out

Sweat pants are for sweating, nobody said anything about exercise.

4. Recent developments

Getting those pictures really helps you get the picture.

3. Sometimes why

This joke is older than the internet and its continued existence delights and infuriates me.

2. Fragile thing

This poor soul has been waiting for eighteen minutes now. It’s inhuman.

1. The internet creed

All rise to recite Twitter’s national anthem.

There ya go. I hope that whatever condition requires regular intake of tweets on your part has been satiated and that you can now proceed safely through the rest of the day. Should you need further assistance, be sure to visit us again soon, there’s plenty more where those came from.

Who are your favorite people on Twitter right now?

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