Let’s put aside all the snide and bitter dating memes for a minute and just celebrate love. Let’s celebrate companionship, togetherness, a sense of belonging, and the fact that sometimes cute people let us touch their butts.

Here are fifteen wholesome relationships memes to make you feel warm and gooey inside.

14. The butterfly effect

This has always bugged me.

13. Despite all my rage

I am still just in love with your face.

12. Hair care

This will soothe even the most savage among us.

11. Bear with me

A grizzly prediction, indeed.

10. Good boi joy

“I can’t read, I just feel like this all the time.”

9. Love roll’d

You know the rules, and so do I.

8. Magic in the air

The sorting hat has placed you firmly in my bedroom.

7. Feline fine

They’ve got nine lifetimes to spend together.

6. A decent proposal

Oh I do, fur sure.

5. Pushing my buttons

Let your apparel be a reflection of your inner self.

4. Feel the heat

All the affection, less of the friction.

3. Can’t be beat

I get absolutely pumped.

2. Tip of the iceberg

I can’t wait to show you the rest.

1. Sliding into your heart

These are the things true love is built upon.

It’s refreshing, isn’t it? Maybe send this list to the person you care about. I’ll bet it will make them smile. 🙂

How do you feel about the wholesome level of these memes?

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