It’s a cliche we’ve all seen in a million movies and TV shows. The characters find themselves in some awful spot and one of them moans “How could this get any worse?” or “At least things can’t get any worse.” Then BOOM, it starts pouring rain, or a siren goes off, or shots start firing through the air.

The lesson this trope has taught us is that no matter how bad things are, we should never assume they can’t drop yet another level.

Check out these ten examples of how a normal-to-bad day can suddenly get worse in the most unexpected of ways.

10. All natural

The machines have already begun to mock us. Their takeover is imminent.

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9. Hush puppy

From puzzled to muzzled in a single snap.

aww snap
byu/jasontaken inWellthatsucks

8. Wash it out

Plumbers be like “Well there’s your problem right there.”

So, how’s your day going?
byu/product-of-my-time inWellthatsucks

7. Testing my patience

Well, at least you learned how to drive yourself up a wall.

Waited 5 hours in line for my drivers test, got to the front only to tell me that they’ve reached the maximum amount of tests for the day. 16.
byu/iAmWaluigi inWellthatsucks

6. See food

Oh come on, that’s just cruel.

Kid thought he was getting a new pet
byu/tefunka inWellthatsucks

5. Bespectacled spectacle

It’s just a prank, bro.

[deleted by user]
by inWellthatsucks

4. Wide open spaces

I guess at least you don’t have to worry about social distancing.

My college labs have been canceled until further notice… and I was not included on the mass text. No wonder there’s no one here
byu/firemaster inWellthatsucks

3. For the record

Getting a vinyl delivered by postal service to some kind of farm. What year do you live in?

A vinyl record. Thanks USPS!
byu/Loki1783 inWellthatsucks

2. Why so salty?

She’s either having a very bad day or a very good one.

[deleted by user]
by inWellthatsucks

1. Like tears in rain

I’ll have what he’s having?

Great hangover
byu/Nic0487 inWellthatsucks

So before you go asking “How could things get worse?” use your imagination a bit. Odds are, there are lots of ways. Lots. And you probably don’t want to invite them.

What’s been your big fail moment recently?

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