How’s your summer been thus far? Kinda bad?

Because the whole year has been a series of disasters. Cool, cool, yeah, that sounds about right. But believe it or not, things could probably be even worse.

Need proof? Look no further than this gallery of suck posted by Reddit users who are most definitely NOT having a great season. They range from the funny to the heartbreaking to the “How does that even happen?” and they serve as a strange reminder to count our blessings.

Here are ten people who definitely need to give their summer a do-over.

10. Very special delivery

How in the hell do you “accidently” throw something on a roof?

Worst. Delivery. Ever. (OC)
byu/AusFail inWellthatsucks

9. Oldies but moldies

“Oh boy, can’t wait to get back to work with all my very valuable – aw, f***.”

Leather Shop Opens After 53 Days Of Quarantine Only To Find All Of Their Products Had Molded
byu/finemenyak inWellthatsucks

8. Singin’ in the rain

Have you checked for corporate espionage? ‘Cause I think you’ve got some leaks.

Heavy downpour. This is my office right now.
byu/Magic_phil inWellthatsucks

7. Baby you’re a firework

It went from McMansion to ghost story real quick.

Neighbors house got hit by fireworks last night
byu/McDirty09 inWellthatsucks

6. The final countdown

You definitely need to burn that board.

I was having fun with this letter board to countdown to my wife’s last day of school. Also turned out to be the last day before she left me.
by inWellthatsucks

5. Split level

I’m no expert but I don’t think that’s how that’s supposed to work.

This looks expensive
by inWellthatsucks

4. Dancing on the head of a pin

Just sell the house, that’ll become somebody else’s problem.

Dropped this after buying today. Put it all back in, stood on a pin, dropped it again.
byu/MrVilborg inWellthatsucks

3. Pocket sock-it

Your big toe will be well-protected from all disease.

Drove 45 mins to the store thinking I had my mask in my pocket. It was a baby sock.
byu/zoltrules inWellthatsucks

2. Jacked up

I don’t even know what model of car that is but I’m guessing I’m too poor to pronounce it.

When your expensive car gets ruined
byu/lol62056 inWellthatsucks

1. Deep fried

I can smell this picture.

Really wanted pizza, fell asleep
byu/snailfrymccloud17 inWellthatsucks

Definitely not a summer to remember for these people. Or at least, not one to remember fondly. Here’s hoping some nice things came along to provide them a little much needed balance!

What’s the biggest “that sucks” moment of your summer so far?

Tell us in the comments.