Have you had a bad day?

How bad, on a scale of one to ten? If it’s under an eight, looking at these photos might actually cause you to lower it even further. Because compared to these poor saps, your day miiiiight have been just fine.

These all come from a very bittersweet subreddit called r/Wellthatsucks, which is a place for users to share experiences that…well…suck. A lot.

Laugh, cry, and cringe at these ten people who probably had a worse day than you.

10. Pasta la vista

Maybe this is God’s way of telling you not to eat anymore.

Came home late from work, drop my open sandwhich in the parking lot. Go to make pasta, the first pot slips and I pour it all on the ground. Make a second pot and the handle straight up breaks and my pasta goes everywhere. Didn’t eat; had a lil cry. from Wellthatsucks

9. Special delivery

F**k this guy’s junk mail in particular.

My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night from Wellthatsucks

8. Measure twice, cut once

Think of it as one really big letter slot.

My wife said measure the door, I told her all doors are the same size… from Wellthatsucks

7. My cup runneth over

When even the laws of physics don’t want you to have a good day.

Good morning… from Wellthatsucks

6. Road rage

Now that’s what I call fast charging.

Well… i think the image speaks for itself. from Wellthatsucks

5. Watch out!

Oh would you look at the time, it’s give up o’clock.

Turned 26 today, contact fell out while walking into work, tried to rub my eye to help the irritation while looking down, and walked into a brick wall. Happy birthday to me from Wellthatsucks

4. Junk in the trunk

I think you’ve created some sort of paradox.

See that tiny sliver of metal in the gap? Those are my car keys that I locked in the groove of my trunk. from Wellthatsucks

3. Sick and tired

You know, you’re being a real tool right now.

Driving my wife’s new car (still on the first tank of gas) when this happened from Wellthatsucks

2. When it rains, it pours

Who does something like this? Seriously, why?

I found out someone cut through the convertible top of my unlocked car, then it rained inside. I was let go from my job an hour later for some extra spice. from Wellthatsucks

1. Solid design

Apple stuck a logo on it and charged him $799.

This guy bought a smart phone online but received a stone from Wellthatsucks

No getting around it, those are all pretty bad days. Still, could be worse. Oops, I’d better go knock on wood. Who knows what weird fate might befall me now!

What was your “Well that sucks” moment recently?

Share it with us in the comments.