By now we’ve all seen the spooky deep fakes.

Faces replaced with other faces; eerie video transformations that are becoming more and more commonplace.

But there is perhaps an even more pressing issue at hand. Beyond simply knowing who really appears in what video, how can any of us be sure what is and isn’t cake?

See, there’s been a rash of videos on twitter of what appear to be everyday objects which are then sliced through to reveal that they are made entirely of cake. Suffice it to say, nobody trusts anyone or anything anymore.

12. Original deep cake

Look at this parade of fakery and tell me you’ll ever believe your eyes again.

11. Take a bite

Sweets for the sweet.

10. Let them eat cake

My god, this goes back further than we could have ever anticipated.

9. Foamy philosophies

Bring back the pyres, there’s witches to burn.

8. One in a million

Got yourself a winning dating profile there.

7. The cutting truth

We must all face the facts someday.

6. Desperate times

Cake is in the eye of the beholder.

5. Adorable murder

This is fine.

4. The cakening

Join us! Join us! Join us!

3. High art

Can you appreciate it?

2. So much winning

This has officially gone too far.

1. Wipe away your fears

Big if true.

We must arm ourselves now with the tools we need to tell cake from thing as best we can. Our future is at stake. Or should I say…at cake?

What do you suspect may actually be cake?

Prove you’re not a cake by telling us in the comments.