There’s really no reasonable way to enter into this topic, so I’ll just say it: Twitter is being overrun by cakes in disguise and nobody is OK.

Why did this happen? How? That’s for future historians to unravel.

All we can do right now is sit back and marvel at all the cakery fakery overtaking our bakeries. The skill is takes to create such horrifyingly detailed edible facsimiles is far beyond my mortal comprehension, but it sure is fun to watch, and there are no shortage of jokes.

Beware ye who scroll past here, you’re about to question everything.

10. Taking the cake

Witness the absolute peak of man’s hubris.

9. Serrated blade runner

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Shoes made of sweets. I watched toilet paper split to reveal its sumptuous core. All those moments will be lost in time, like cake in rain.”

8. Sweet release

Soon we will all be cake.

7. Dog-gone

If I cannot have the chocolate, I must become the chocolate.

6. Cover versions

It’s all cake all the time.

5. Absolutely vicious

This is the series that just keeps on giving.

4. Beware the ides of starch

These are the signs that precede the fall of an empire.

3. Out of touch

A rallying cry for our moment in history.

2. Self-defense

Will the witness for the prosecution please cake the stand.

1. Soft reboots

This is the kind of retconning that I can get behind.

It’s been a confusing year, but at least this is the kind of confusion that’s delightful and funny and not just straight up horrifying. We need more of that.

What do YOU suspect may actually be cake?

Tell us in the comments.