Growing up, I thought there were two types of people: the normal, healthy ones, and the CrAzIeS out there who needed *gulp* mental healthcare. Lucky for all of us, the conversation around mental health has changed quite a bit.

We now recognize that just like any other part of your body, your brain needs maintenance, and there’s no more shame in talking about that than there is discussing, say, a sprained ankle. In fact our mental foibles are now so mainstream and commonplace that we’re memeing them. Which, weirdly, is kind of a mark of true progress.

Here are 10 memes about our mental muscles and the funny, frustrating things they do.

10. Respect

It’s not a game, but if it is, I’m going to win.

9. Honestly is the best policy

“Know thyself.”

8. Great expectations

Houston, we have several problems.

7. Gallows humor

Sometimes there’s nothing for it but to laugh.

6. Nervous questions

Not to brag but I’m technically high functioning for my condition.

5. Double jeopardy

You can only really win if you risk big.

4. Mood swings

At least I keep a consistent rhythm.

3. Clean up your act

I’m great at time management, just ask this dirty cup.

2. Meme-ception


1. Crying out

I am a proud, fragile person.

Ain’t nothing wrong with being human, and being human means being a hot mess. At least we can all be hot and messy together.

What’s the most relatable meme you’ve ever seen?

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