The lyrics and intonations to some songs are so thoroughly baked into our minds that we can be prompted to get them stuck in our heads without even hearing them. It’s like they follow us around, waiting for their chance to strike again, the clever little earworms.

Sorry to say that if you keep scrolling, you’re going to have a whole bunch of songs haunting you for the rest of the day. But the packaging is so funny that it’ll be well worth it.

10. Feature presentation

If I gotsta bring a PowerPoint to you cowards then it’s gonna be quick, aight.

9. Am I original?

Hey man, you do you.

8. Shamon!

I feel this on a molecular level.

7. The TRUmpet

A little bit less of this please.

6. It don’t stop comin’

Didn’t make sense not to live for fun.

5. For what?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…

4. Turn around

Now I’m only falling apart.

3. I’ll always love this

A well-coordinated effort.

2. It’s a wonder

Anyway, here’s an overplayed meme that’s still somehow funny.

1. Get your head in the game

Now THAT is a hot jam right there.

If you truly start to go mad with these songs repeating in your head, try singing the chorus to “Footloose” a few times. It’s like a saltine cracker, it cleanses the palate.

What other songs do you always find yourself singing?

Tell us in the comments.