I scream, you scream, we all scream for new memes! Then we calmly regain our composure as we realize that people are staring at us and possibly calling law enforcement out of concern for all the screaming they just heard.

But can you really blame us? Memes are just so gosh-darn exciting. What’s not to get worked up about? They’re like little picture comedies we can ingest in seconds and cackle at inexplicably while we’re supposed to be working. So don’t hold back your passion or childlike wonder for memes. Scream, scream away!

Here are 10 random memes for you to get entirely too excited about.

10. Ssssssmokin’

And anywhere is a dance floor if you’re willing to break things.

9. Possessive

I demand to know who owns this house of worship.

8. Corner man

Replace “6” with “30” and you’ve got me.

7. Intermission

(There’s no joke here, it’s just a genuinely helpful meme)

6. That’s cold

I wonder if he realizes.

5. Grocery etiquette

Oh, milk? Me? Nah. Never had the stuff in my life. I’m more of a juice guy.

4. Mark the date

Gotta bring your van to the date for all the extra baggage.

3. Good vibrations

I can’t tell if this is a fun fact or a tip for serial killers.

2. Oh, Canada!

What unholy abomination have you brought forth?

1. Flip ’em over

“Is your guy wearing glasses?”

I hope you were able to reasonably contain yourself while scrolling through those memes. If your neighbors became alarmed, just show them what you were looking at. I’m sure they’ll understand.

What are your favorite kind of memes?

Tell us in the comments!