You know when a good time for a meme break is? Literally any time. To get the day started, to break it up, to cap it off – memes are evergreen. They’re good ’round the clock. So, whatever part of your day you find yourself in right now; hello. Welcome. You’re right on time.

Here are 10 memes about nothing in particular to boost you through to the next part of your day.

10. I’m another man’s treasure

9. This is how you time travel

8. NASA hates this whistleblower

7. Sleep over everything

6. Retail therapy

5. That’s what we BOTH said

4. You leave him alone

3. I either need a laundromat or an archaeologist

2. They’re bangin’

1. Nothing & chill

Alright. Meme break over. Back to your day.
…or go surf more memes. It couldn’t possibly hurt.

Where’s your favorite place to catch the memes?

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