I think it was Disney’s Cinderella who said “a meme is a wish your heart makes.” How that writing team was able to anticipate memes way back in 1950 is beyond me, but they were totally right. My heart DOES wish for memes. And lucky for me, they’re free, and they’re everywhere.

Here are a few great memes and tweets for your heart-dreaming delight. May they make your day brighter.

10. The dwelling hour

9. This is fine

8. It’s basically right down the road

7. Ride or die

6. Blinded by the light jazz


5. If you awake you a F*ke

4. This sounds like a fun way to end up in custody

3. Oh

2. It’s important work

1. Please don’t tell anyone how I live

If you liked those, good news, we’ve got more. Visit again for another dose of the dream-tier memes. We’ve got you.

What’s your favorite style of meme?

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