There’s a lot of talk these days about Disney becoming some sort of movie industry monopoly, gobbling up studios and franchises faster than anybody can keep up with. Whether it will eventually overtake the business as a whole, I don’t know, but it certainly seems to monopolize the minds of some Tumblr fandoms.

That’s not all bad, though. We reap the benefits in the form of hilarious observations and notes that only a true fan would take the time to bring to our attention. Like these:

14. Dory is lucky to forget this

13. Brief and to the point

12. Budget cuts are a hell of a drug

11. Ouch

10. If it’s green, it’s mean

9. “The law says you can’t touch…”

8. Misheard genius

7. Maybe should have stayed a pot

6. Pride and joy

5. Sultry Sultan

4. Fly with the colors of the wind

3. Wardrobe malfunction?

2. “You know. For kids.”

1. i hrv tree wisshes

If Disney ever truly runs out of ideas, I think they could probably option any one of these posts for a movie adaptation. I mean, I’d watch.

What’s the weirdest Disney thing to you?

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