Psst. Hey kid. You wanna see some memes? I got the good stuff. Pure, uncut, random, high-quality internets. You come to me whenever you need your fix, alright? And tell your friends. But NO COPS.

The first taste is free. The next several tastes are also free. Memes are free. Alright, now let’s open this trench coat and see what we’re working with.

10. Bed, party of one

9. Wait ’till I get my hands on me

8. We all nose better

7. Namastay. Namasit.

6. She’s dead serious

5. Get busy gettin’ drowsy

4. Trunk and disorderly

3. Hindsight is like 20/40

2. That’s good social distancing

1. Have your cake and have it too

Alright now scram before somebody catches us with this much dankness. Meet you here again in like five minutes.

What meme stash is your go-to?

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