With more time spent at home comes more bombardment from bad news, speculation, confusion, and worry. But one constant always remains: memes. Memes respond to whatever’s going on with the world, usually through a filter of weirdly reassuring irony.

So let’s put down the troubles for a minute and look at some memes. 10 out of 10 doctors that I just made up recommend it!

12. I’d have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that meddling me

11. It’s getting cold

10. I’m basically a supercomputer

9. We’re switching to p*op rations

8. The wading is the hardest part

7. Put the fries in the basket

6. Who’s laughing now, mom?

5. The only cooking channel I watch

4. It was my idea all along

3. Dog day afternoon

2. [internal screaming]

1. It’s very moooving

Memes are basically modern proverbs. We should chisel them onto some stone tablets just in case we’re all obliterated and aliens need to study our culture.

Where do you go to get your weirdly reassuring memes in these times of trouble?

Tell us in the comments.