Ok. Be cool. My boss thinks I’m working but I’m really just staring at memes again. NO DON’T LOOK OVER. Just chill. Act natural.

Come check out these memes for a minute. Nobody need to know. What’s mine is yours.

10. Aka “Can you read?”

9. Technically it’s a solution

8. Holy isht

7. Simpler times

6. The gloves are coming off

5. Now I have to move

4. Behold my power to be sad for no reason

3. He’s bringing the dunder

2. Are you chopping wood in the background?

1. Binge and cringe

Ok, I don’t think anybody saw us. Another successful meme-intake session.

I want to hear from you. Where did you see this? At your desk? On your phone?

Tell me about it in the comments.