We’re living in stressful times. There’s not a lot we’re surrounded with that doesn’t make us feel a little bit worse about everything. But if you take deep dive through twitter, swimming past all the mudslinging, you’ll find a delicious core of random, pleasant banalities.

So if you’re having a rough week, might I present this dump of random tweets that have all made me smile, and perhaps even force a little bit of air out of my nose. Which is high praise for the internet.

10. The only diet that works

And it’s the worst diet ever.

9. Growing up is fun

So much pain, so little time!

8. I’ll sleep when I’m dead

And I’ll probably be dead in… five years?

7. Is this what they mean by Netflix and Chill?

Oh my…

Image Credit: Someecards

6. What would we do without Facebook?

We’d remember A LOT less… and maybe that’s a good thing?

5. I’m too bad at math for this

This is the weirdest way they measure paper towels and toilet paper.

4. This is why I can’t get into zombie shows

Why would you want to live during these times?

3. It’s the little things

And THIS is important!

2. Give me a break

Sounds like you need a housekeeper!

1. Am I being detained?

How does my butt look?

Well, I feel a little bit better now. Time to face the real world again. Or look at some more tweet.

Give those accounts a follow for some more internet nutrients.

What’s your favorite tweet recently? Let us know in the comments.