I spent five minutes reading the news today and had to breathe into a paper bag for about an hour and then spend the rest of the evening looking at memes.

In other words, it’s been a perfectly ordinary day.

As important as it is to be an informed citizen, good lord is it a lot. Here’s a meme break with nothing political or contentious. Just memes. Smooth, easy memes. Enjoy the oasis.

10. I shall guard it with my life

9. You can’t be disappointed by me if you can’t find me

8. Not the brightest installation

7. Honestly, either is fine

6. Wave goodbye to peace of mind

5. It doesn’t look…done

4. Live large

3. Absolutely floored

2. This meme lured me into a nap

1. Or real throw up and truly earn it

Ok. Back to the real world. I hope this brief respite has done you good.

Where do you go to take in wonderfully distracting memes?

Tell us about it in the comments.