Life’s not perfect. We’re all constantly expressing that. Sometimes it feels like a constant series of missteps, other times, huge challenges.

But all the imperfections add up to some good stuff. Especially jokes.

I can’t imagine how lame jokes would be in a world with no problems.

So let’s celebrate things being messed with a list of our failures, answered by a meme about each one.

10. We’re bad at chores

9. We’re makin’ too much trash

8. We’re late…again

7. We can’t stop snackin’

6. We’re way behind today

5. We’re broke

4. We have no idea what we’re doing

3. We’re always getting distracted

2. Sometimes we can’t sleep

1. Sometimes we EXCEL at sleeping

Now that we’ve admitted our flaws and allowed them be forgiven by memes, we can get back at it and take on the world.

What are you favorite kinds of memes?

Tell us in the comments.