What did we do before twitter? Did we just share our thoughts with the individuals around us? Did we actually THINK about which of those thoughts might be of interest to those people before we sputtered them out?

That must have been a hellish existence of self-repression. I can hardly remember it, and I don’t want to.

Because in the era of Twitter, I can immerse myself in the random thoughts of humanity, and it’s surprisingly delightful.

Here are 10 examples to make your day better.

10. Express delivery


9. Honesty is the best policy

8. I wonder what the scale of this problem is

7. Communication is key

6. Lower your expectations

5. She’s warning you, bro

4. Some things aren’t important


3. Drinks help us reconnect

2. Like, Bezos level?


1. And yet none of them will TELL US WHAT THEY WANT

See? It’s refreshing. Like a nice glass of internet lemonade. Thank you for your service, Twitter. You’re getting me through this Wednesday.

Who’s your favorite Twitter person? Do you even like Twitter?

Give us the 411 in the comments!