Pets. Where would we be without them? Probably like…in some kind of apartment complex that doesn’t allow pets. But screw those places! Sure, it’s a living space, but can it truly be called a home if furry friends aren’t welcome? Might as well ask me to keep part of my heart in a storage shed. Pets make life worth living, and in this thread, we’re gonna celebrate them.

Here are 10 cute memes to remind us all why our animal companions are just the best!

10. Employee of the Week #1

She wants to help, but she ain’t no fool.

9. Cat napper

He greet the meat.

8. Birb is the worb

You just know he’s going to be tweeting about this later.

7. Employee of the Week #2

Reporting for duty!

6. Swan song

If you’re party isn’t at least this lit don’t bother inviting me.

5. Fuzz on fuzz

She’s really on top of things.

4. Pug appeal

Fish nets aren’t just for fish.

3. Fat cat problems

Doin’ me a heckin concern here, John.

2. Employee of the Week #3

These shoes were made for WALKING, Linda!

1. Sleepy boi

Let sleeping dogs (and burritos) lie.

Well, this has been unbearably adorable and I’m sure that those of us who have pets need to go find them and harass them with love now, so we’d better get to it. They’re not gonna pet themselves!

What’s the cutest thing your pet has ever done?

Tell us in the comments.