You ready to shake things up? Cause it’s about to get crazy in here.

We’re gonna do something that we only do on very rare occasions such as days that end in “y” – we’re going to look at memes.

I know. How bad are we, right? And you can join in if you want. But only if you’re ready to really get wild. Because these memes are gonna break the routine somethin’ awful.

10. Not like the other girls

I’m sorry, does one of those say “end me?”

9. Party people

Not sure who is the support animal for whom in this situation.

8. Until we meet again

True but completely unnecessary to point out to my good innocent mind.

7. The grandma factor

If you’re gonna shoot your shot, shoot it right.

6. Viewing the landscape

Something’s wrong with your accelerometer there, friend.

5. A new name

There, now I am truly unique. A beautiful and special snowflake.

4. The states of matter

I don’t even know what to make of this.
Somebody call a scientist asap.

3. The big upgrade

Finally, I can continue looking at the same three apps all day.

2. Missed timing

There’s that moment of grief as you realize the opportunity is never going to come around again.

1. Sky high

What are you gonna do, LEAVE?

Man, that was a wild ride.

Where do you get your favorite memes?

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