My Dearest Margaret,

I write you this letter from the front lines of this cursed war. From all sides we are beset. The booms of the boomers from the north, the shrill ticktockery of the Z’s to the west. We’ve not heard from Gen X in weeks now. Our best intelligence suggests they are napping, but we can never know for sure.

If the Lord should grant me such clemency that I may leave this battlefield of memes and see you once again, I will find a solace in falling into your arms. And ordering Chipotle.

Greg Millennial

11. Gothic Karens

Your manager is gonna hear me rawr XD

10. Join in on the fun

You can’t hurt our pride.
We don’t have any.

9. The shift

Oh no, we’re living in the time dimension. Who could have seen this coming.

8. Chaotic energy

I’d say was defines us the most is our insistence on describing literally everything in terms of “energy.”

7. Dress for the part

It truly was a magical time.

6. Get out of the house

I dunno, it feels more relevant to me than an astrology sign.

5. Adulting

We have no idea what we’re doing and we never have.

4. Doggo

But the weird thing is – we are.

3. Pizza party

It’s not really a personality it’s just the best thing we can afford.

2. *Yeets away*

Of all the folks to blame for our general decay, Gen Z is definitely not where I’d take aim.

1. Burn it to the ground

And you grew up not knowing how a record player works.
Technology moves fast. It’s fine. Live your life.

I guess that’s the best advice really. Just live your life. This war doesn’t have to go on forever.

…but just in case you’d like it to, what generation do you want to attack today?

Tell us in the comments.