Are you kinda done? Kinda over it? Kinda waiting for something new and exciting?

Well, in the meantime, as we’re all just making our way through this life as best we can, we can enjoy some memes about our state of constant amused frustration. Bemusement? Is that what that word means? Whatever, I’m sure the Germans have a term for it.

The point is that these memes are for you.

15. The stimulant game

This is very much NOT me on adderall.
Me on adderall is far more pace-around-until-I-die.

14. The cuddle couple coodle

Something tells me this wouldn’t work even if I DID have a girlfriend.

13. A glimpse of the future

But man oh man at least I got next-day shipping.

12. Turning up the heat

(That’s 118 F, everybody.)

11. Eat your heart out

Nobody can stop me from consuming food. Many have tried, you too will fail.

10. Tall tales

Nobody knows how this happens, mother nature is just a freak.

9. Slow your roll

On the other hand, space billionaires.

8. Say my name

I’m not sure you’re allowed to do that but I’m rooting for you still.

7. Around the world

Around the WORLD around the world
Around the world around the WORLD

6. All in the family

There is nothing new under the sun.

5. I tell ya what

Dang it, Anakin, you were the chosen one.

4. Blending in

You look perfectly natural, don’t worry about it.

3. Card, please

I could probably memorize a 16 digit number without too much difficulty and yet doing so feels completely out of the question.

2. Getting dirty

I’m not sure where I recognize this actor from and it’s driving me crazy.

1. Hear me roar

Things are about to get ugly.

Hope those help ya cope with life!

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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