I’m a hardcore gamer. And by that I mean I own a Switch and have played classic Rollercoaster Tycoon on my phone for like 200 hours, somehow.

But I do dabble in other gaming experiences as well, and I more than dabble in memes. Which is why this particular collection is so great.

Come enjoy them with me, won’t you?

12. Well played

Neat, do you think maybe you could switch to Animal Crossing or something for a while?

11. Knowledge is power

I can do what I want.

10. Emerald city

That could go for millions of dollars for real.

9. Into the shadowverse

Hey man, they’re tired. They gotta program games all day.

8. The real solution

And here I’ve been paying for mental health services like a sucker.

7. Meet my x

Some of us REAL gamers prefer to play games on our Roku, thank you.

6. Shrinkage

I don’t know how this keeps happening but it does.

5. Same difference

Someday we’ll get a new game.

4. Lying in wait

Eventually you won’t be able to move at all, so that’ll be nice.

3. Thinkin’ things

The reality is so much more brutal.

2. Gotta bounce

The noise will never leave my brain.

1. Lobby hobbies

You never know what could happen.

Game on, everybody.

What’s your system of choice?

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